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A relaxing ball-making game

Crush into ball: Asmr Smash 3D is a free casual game from Wanna Play Games LTD. In this relaxing simulation, you get to experience the joy of crushing the right stuff and rolling it into a ball. If you’re familiar with bath bombs, that’s what most end products in this game look like. It has simple objectives and intuitive gameplay, adding to its value as a relaxing game.

Crush into ball: Asmr Smash 3D joins other ASMR games like Fidgets - Antistress ASMR Clicker Game and Candles ASMR, but with more variety in its activities that make it playable for longer.

The joy of crushing stuff

Crush into ball: Asmr Smash 3D is classified as an ASMR game, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. This refers to the relaxing, even sedative, sensation triggered by visuals and sounds such as soft whispers and crackling sounds. In the game, you mostly interact with a mortar and pestle which you use to slowly grind stuff into powder. Then, you roll it repeatedly until you create a ball.

The game also commits to its sensory experience through sounds. For example, you pick up a couple of crayons. As you crush it slowly in your mortar, you can hear the relaxing sounds of objects breaking down. There are other materials for you to crush, such as cookies and rocks, each of them creating slightly different sounds that are all calming one way or the other.

In this game, the only task you have aside from crushing and rolling is to avoid the wrong material. In every task, there will be a required material color. However, what upsets the ideal ASMR experience is the presence of ads. When you’re online, every level completed in this game is followed by ads, although you can close them after a few seconds.

Experience ASMR anywhere

With Crush into ball: Asmr Smash 3D, you can experience a relaxing ASMR session anywhere. The very act of crushing stuff in a mortar and pestle has a certain appeal to it. Pair this with the repeating rolling of the dust to form a ball makes it addictive to a certain extent. Try it with crayons and cookies and enjoy the audiovisual treat.


  • Grinding stuff in a mortar and pestle is addictive
  • Uses relaxing crushing sounds


  • Ads appear frequently

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